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Intercessory Prayer Log (October)
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Intercessory Prayer Log (Oct.)


October 1st through 31st


Last June 6th we had a 6-hour prayer meeting at Ihm Jin kak with proclaiming the year of Jubilee, continuously Jubilee Korea will start again on October 3rd. Let all the people those who will gather, repent and contribute their lives to the Lord and make this flare of repentance spread all over the Korean peninsula bring the wind of change. And help the true and just law of Jubilee to be proclaimed and carried out in Korea.


Recently, "Shin chun ji" a heretic spreads its power over the abroad and teach its false dogma so it is reported even a student studying in Germany came back to learn the doctrine. Let the Korean churches in the foreign countries deal with these heretics wisely and defeat the Satan working behind these heretics, and help all the churches not to be shrunken.


It's time for each church to state the accounts and budget, but these process has being carried out with focusing formalities until now. Make those in charge of statement and budgeting realize God is making His Kingdom in his hands and fulfill the job faithfully as God's stewards.  And let all these works in Korean churches to be carried out not with estimating the process properly but also with giving thanks to the Lord.


Before the17th President Election on Dec. 19th, the ruling party and small opposition parties preparing for decision the candidate, however most citizens are indifferent to the election because of serious individualism and being sick of the present politics. Make the people have citizenship and interest in the election so that they can choose the right person and help a leader who fears the Lord and pursue justice and peace in this society to be elected.


We lift up the scholastic aptitude test. Although the rate of application the school reports to the college entrance exam has been raised, still the scholastic test has a great impact on the entrance to the college. Bring change to the college entrance systems so that students may choose colleges according to their interests and abilities and the rooted classification can be shifted from in campus.


The strong wind of stock trading blew in campus, 40~50 clubs of investment in stocks launched, which resulted in that some students run through all their money in investing in stocks. Make these students quest for making money without perspiration repent their cravings and lead them spend campus lives faithfully.


About six thousand surgical abortions are carried in social apathy. This is not only the problem of the statistics but the matter of moral hazard and loss of fidelity in this society. Let this country repent our sins flowing innocent bloods and heal this spiritually and morally diseased society. And break the evil spirits and cover this society with the blood of Christ.


The second North and South summit meeting will be held in Pyongyang on October 2nd through 4th. Make this summit talks the practical passageway to interchange and collaboration between North and South, so that the denuclearization and peace can be settled in Korean Peninsula and both countries can construct political and military trust and cooperate in business. Help the other countries realize the will of reconciliation in both countries and support settlement of peace in the Peninsula.


A strikingly different economic gap between North and South Korea is regarded as a serious barrier to unification, on which researchers reported that the best way of North Korea's overcoming this gap is active investment and supports in North by both South Korea and other countries. But the North Korean government would not open the door fearing breakdown of the communistic system. Help both Koreas construct trust so that the special economic area can be expanded in North Korea and more people can work together.


Shockingly, a North Korean defector committed suicide who was suffering physically and mentally after experiencing repatriation to the North Korea four times. Have mercy upon about 12,000 defectors in South Korea for them to realize the Lord is only hope and the way of life, and open the way to meet separated family. And make the Chinese government soften their policy over the defectors and Korean government and citizens help together these people to settle in South Korea.


Missionaries from NTM(New Tribes Mission) have preached the gospel to the tribe of Visorio in Papua New Guinea from 1977 and as the fruit of mission, a Visorio Christian came up to the neighboring tribe, Weerie and preached the gospel to the Visorios living in Weerie with a missionary. 19 of 25 Visorios accept the gospel and meet Jesus. Help these people continuously grow in faith through disciplining and bible study so that they can also preachers to proclaim to other tribes living in the interior.


Recently, it is reported that an Islamic armed group connected with Hamas kidnapped a Christian woman in Gaza district of Palestine and forced her to convert to Islam. It is spreading over the Christians in Gaza district to fear of Islamic hard line after Hamas grasp the power over this area. Let the radical Islamic groups stop their hard lines with kidnapping Christians and forcing conversion to Islam and help the Christians deal with these matters wisely and overcome evil with good.


It is reported that a Eritrean woman was dead in prison suffering from torture and hardships for 18 months, who was caught during worship in Keren in 2006. Still about 2 thousand Christians have been caught and persecuted in prison, police office, or army base, but the government denied. Lead the Eritrean government guarantee freedom of worship and save all the Christians suffering in prison because of their faith.


13,500 children are in danger of death from starvation and malnutrition in Somalia, but the Somalia government cannot help it to cope with terrors by a rebel army. Have mercy upon the dying children and send people who bring breads to save their lives and gospel to save their spirits.


Anoint the North Korea research school in YWAM Restenas base, Sweden with the Holy Spirit so that all the participants understand fully North Korea and give their lives to evangelization of North Korea. And help the network be built among workers in North Europe, Russia and Ukraine. Moreover give faith and wisdom to the leaders of this school, pastor David Ross, Song soo-hong, sister Yoon young-sook. 


We entrust the Huri University in Mongolia to help all the faculty members educate students with a heart of Christ, and make the students grow to be sound and conscientious Christians. Also meet all the needs of this school.


WOGA(Women Of Global Action) Korea 2007 will be held in Torch Center For Evangelism & Mission and Olympic stadium October 15th through 19th with title of "Speed up(speed up to fulfill the great commandment)". About 12 thousand Christian women leaders will gather who come from about 70 countries, specially located in 10/40 Window. Through this conference, make all the Christian women rise up for the evangelization of unreached people and be united with harmony and love.


We pray for "the New Life in the Spirit Seminar" that is to be held at Surrey Korean Church, Vancouver, Canada from September 27th to October 5th. Prepare the hearts of the believers who will attend this seminar. Help the team from Jesus Abbey serves and work well together with one another and with the church leaders. Let all people in this church be renewed and anointed by the Holy Spirit through this seminar.


Lead the staff of Land Justice Civilian's Alliance to make a strong impact on the presidential candidates by suggesting the right land policies.  Give Your help as they prepare for the fall and winter programs.  Let these workers understand and communicate with each other better through practicing Koinonia.  Help them love and trust one another in their team work and pursue Your will in their service.  Continue to send them necessary funds and faithful workers.


Dear God, we hold up to you Caroline Small in a gypsy community in England who is struggling to hold on to her faith, Please be real to her and bless her. Brother Billy Kim is receiving radiation therapy after an operation on prostrate cancer and Trudy, his wife, recovering from Multiple myeloma. Give your peace and comfort to this couple and heal them.


Br. Lee sang-shin's two sons are facing the college entrance exam in November. Help them to take the exam easily without tension, who are being educated through home schooling and lead them to grow well continuously both in body and soul.


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