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Intercessory Prayer Log (Nov.)
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Intercessory Prayer Log (Nov.)

November 1st through 30th


After the accident of Korean missionaries kidnapping in Afghanistan, the interest in Islam is spreading. Make this condition a breakthrough to mission in Islamic nations, and help all the Christians in Islam to overcome and endure persecutions with expecting God will recover all nations on the last day.


Mission in cities will be a great assignment for the 90% of all population in the world will live cities. Many a church and a mission organization have cooperated to preach the gospel to all nations in cities which have complicated matters such as racial, linguistic, social ones in cities. Help these churches and organizations to show more interests and invest much in mission in cities.


Even though it is shown that "private tutoring" is a factor to drop the scholastic achievement, it is expanding for Korean society puts more values on the much learned people out of prestige colleges. Ease the classification structure in Korean society and strengthen the functions of public schools so that the lower can take good educations equally with the upper. Bring changes to this society so that every body can be evaluated based on their abilities and aptitudes not their educational background.


It is announced on October 2nd to legislate the law to ban discriminating homosexuals. According to the new law to be pass, those who teach or preach against homosexuality will be able to be fined or punished. If this law to be legislated, homosexuality will be accepted as a standard and proper way of life, which may abet homosexuality. Help this law not to be passed.


In the midst of the last month, the ordinations of pastors were held all over the country. Help the newly ordinate pastors to acknowledge their callings to their ministry and follow the good examples of the senior pastors in difficult conditions of Korean churches, so that all of them can be regarded to be fit for their ministries. And lead them to be standing firm as pillars for Korean churches.


Let all churches help people to have a sound political consciousness based on the viewpoint of the Kingdom of God with the presidential election coming soon. Make them to pray that God's love and justice will be fulfilled and realized and choose the right person fitting for president.


While many a Christian has being persecuted in the world, Philippines' laborers have important roles in mission. Every day tow 2 thousands Philippines' laborers start for other Asian countries; help these to be prepared to proclaim the gospel.


In the 17th the whole country's representatives rally in China, leaders have been chosen to lead her for the next 5 years. Let these leaders prove their political abilities and leaderships. And allow a great revival in Chinese churches so that government officials can recognize the new wave of history and change their attitudes toward Christianity.


Forgive us, the churches in Korea, that we have not done our part well as salt and light to the world.  This is one of the reasons why the fortune-telling and witchcraft are thriving in this society.  Help our churches become communities that present the right directions for this world adrift.  Make the telephone and on-line fortune-tellers and street fortune-tellers go out of business.  Discourage people to expect to make money without working.


Land speculation in Korea has caused numerous social problems.  Let the church and Christians in Korea share their unearned income with the poor and help Korean government exercise the right land policies.


For the opening ceremony and special forum of Land & Liberty Research Center

For Henry Georgy Association, Korea


North Korean escapees have been diagnosed with Hepatitis B, vaginal diseases, venereal diseases, and tuberculosis.  Their parasite infection rate is 8 times more than South Koreans.  This is perceived as a result of having undergone many trials.  Give South Koreans love and compassion for these people.


We need to receive foreign workers as those with whom we should live together, not those who are to take up on the jobs despised by Koreans.  Help us serve each and every one of them with respect and love, and discard all the prejudices and biases about foreigners.  Lead us to have better understanding of and to respect the diversity in different cultures.


Addiction to on-line games cause people to become violent, compulsive, and incommunicable.  People have suffered and are suffering from abnormal emotional impairment and have committed suicides.  Encourage people to stop self-indulgence and intemperance when they are on computer.  Help us have the ideal on-line manners in this country.


PUST (Pyongyang University of Science and Technology) will finish its construction next month with the cooperation between North and South Korea.  Ten professors from South Korea will be placed in this university to teach North Korean students.  Thank you for this opportunity for South Korea and North Korea could work hand in hand through an educational institute.  Give your wisdom and the spirit of revelation to these professors and lead them to intercede not just for the school but for entire North Korea.


The unification of two Koreas has a value that goes far beyond monetary one (profitability).  The expense that goes into unification has potential profits but that goes into division has not.  Encourage South Koreans to pursue unification and to see the economic potentials in unification so that we could cooperate with North Korea in order to set up environment in which we could live in harmony.


Prepare South Koreans for the unification of two Koreas by helping North Korean refugees settle and adjust to their life in this country.  Keep us, who are ignorant of our history, from turning our faces from the unfinished task as one nation.  Help us become loving friends and good neighbors to North Korean refugees.


Restore the root of Christian faith in Europe, as Islam has rapidly been spreading in the region.  Increase the number of authentic Christians so that they could influence those countries.  Bring restoration and renewal in the churches in Europe through repentance and awakening.


Let the preparation for Dunamis Seminar in March 2008 go well and use the seminar in order for the Holy Spirit ministry to be deeply rooted in the churches in Korea.  Spread the balanced teachings on the Holy Spirit that is based on the Word of God.


Pray for the release of the kidnapped Korean sailors in Somalia.


Many people in Argentina are losing their homes due to the farm developments for biochemical fuel production.  They are also suffering form serious famine and diseases.  Send your help to these poor people, especially Toba tribe.


Stop the terrors of Hamaas, Hezbola, and other Islam fundamentalists in Palestine so that the people who live helplessly in numerous conflicts could meet Jesus Christ.  Make the small community of Christians become strong and steady despite all the persecutions.  Raise your workers and intercessors so that the Gospel would spread in this country.



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