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Intercessory Prayer Log
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Noon Prayer

January 2008


1. Thank You and praise You for the hope and vision You give us.  We are grateful that You worked among us through Transformation 2007, Jubilee Korea and 24-hour prayer movement.  Help us continue to remove lies and greed from us and to humble ourselves by repentance so that we may be fully dedicated to unification, revival of the church, and the world evangelization.


2. We lift up our new president, Lee, Myung-Bak, and his new cabinet to You.  Give them servant leadership and humility to be mindful of the poor and outcast.  Give them wisdom and carefulness to vitalize domestic economy and stabilize property prices.  Help them eliminate deeply rooted distrust and division which  were created in the public before and during the presidential election.


3. Seoul City Hall has announced "the war against taxes in arrears" and filed a request to the authorities for 125 habitual delinquents not to be allowed to leave the country.  76 % of the delinquents have hidden their wealth.  Discourage people to accumulate wealth in unfairness.  Let people with wealth share with and serve poor neighbors voluntarily.


4. Pray for the students who continuously practice violence and give threats to other students in public schools.  The family backgrounds of these trouble-making students are often found to be deprived of hope and instead, to have a depressing sense of "failure."  They need other people's loving care and prevention programs, not just punishments.  Even with the efforts of police departments (called, "school violence prevention committee") and the statistics of student violence known through the media, students' violence has been out of control in the schools.


5. The North and South Korean governments have agreed to have cargo trains to be operated and to have the Beijing cheerleading teams to travel on this route next August.  Pray that this agreement be put into practice without any disturbances.  South Korea has just launched a new cabinet and the U.S.A. is putting new efforts in their relationship with North Korea.  Pray that God intervene in these relationships so that there may be the fruition of peace throughout this new year.


6. North Korea is also making an effort to improve her relation with the U.S.A., while the country has not made necessary political changes through the last ten years.  Pray that North Korea open itself up by making free trade, promising free passage, and assuring freedom in telecommunications.  The country is also expected to observe and honor the general principles in international practice.  Pray that North Korea not menace its people's right to live any longer.  Encourage this country to change their political policies, alleviate military confrontations, forgive about their past enmity, and to assure religious freedom.


7. Pray that there be "unity" among campus ministries.  Throughout the last year, there were some conflicts among campus ministries in several colleges.  Moreover, people with some campus ministries decided to have their group belong to some large-sized churches.  Campus ministries need wisdom and close relations in finding true unity and campus evangelization.  Lead college faculties, staff, and mission organizations to work toward having this unity back on the campuses.


8. Through the organizations of heresy, such as Shinchonji, IYF, Unification Church, JMS, Ahn, Sang-Hong's Witnesses and so on, many people have become victims of those groups' subtle and aggressive tactics.  People with these heresies even go into churches to get the believers confused and divided.  For some recent years, they attacked Christian college students through their involvements in the student body and college club associations.  The damage has grown greater, while Christians have very limited knowledge to resolve this problem about these heresies.  Lead Christians in campus ministries and churches to equip believers with the necessary knowledge about the heresies and how to withstand the dangers.


9. Restore the human rights of Islam women.  Over 40 women were killed in a city called Basrah in Iraq by the Islam ultraright group that keeps close watch on "ethical values" in people.  According to Islamic laws, it is a sin if a woman puts on excessive make-up, or does not put on hijap or "appropriate" attires.


10. Let the church have more caring love towards foreign women (who come to Korea through marriage) and their children, and foreign workers.  Help us Koreans honor people from other cultures and assure human rights for them.


11. Restore the nature in this world.  We pray for the decrease in the discharged green house gas so that the climate change can be slowed down.  Help us understand the importance of healthy environment.


12. In the year 2007 alone, there were various forms of persecution in this world, such as abduction, forced conversion, imprisonment, sexual assault, capital punishment, destruction of property and so on.  Local Christians get more harms than missionaries do, since the punishment for missionaries is only deportation.  This causes some gap between local people and missionaries.  Through Your Word and Holy Spirit, give your comfort to the believers who are being persecuted.  Heal their wounded hearts.  Let the missionaries be equipped with stronger commitment and devotion to the people for whom they are sent.


13. One government official in Turkey reported last December about initiating a criminal investigation regarding whether the suspect of the murdering of three Christians at a printing factory (where Bibles were printed) plotted together with the police.  It is believed that there are some conspiracy within the Turkish government where some people called nationalists or revolutionists plot against those considered "the enemies of their nation."  Help them know that Christians or other nations are "not" their enemies, but partners who can cooperate with them for the good of their country.


14. The World Bible Society and a Chinese Christian charity organization have co-founded a Bible printing press in China, through which one fourth of the Bibles for the entiree world will be provided in 2009.  Let the Word of God, the Truth, cover the land China and let China be the channel of sharing the light of Truth with the nations.


15. Many Koreans give sacrifices to gods when they start a new business or buy a new car.  Cleanse this country with the blood of Jesus Christ and blot out shamanism in this country.


16. Brother Ben is leading a North Korea School at Ann Arbor United Methodist Church from Jan. 4-6.  YWAM Korea will open a School for North Korea Mission from Jan.21-24.  Cornerstone Mission provides North Korea Mission School from Jan. 22-25.  Daegu City Prayer Meeting will be held on Jan. 23.  Anoint people who will gather together at these meetings with Your Spirit and be with them.


17.  People in North Korea are still appealing to the international society about their starvation.  Recently there have been issues about women who are victimized in prostitution and domestic violence.  Lead the churches in South Korea to have more caring love toward North Koreans who are in pain.


18. There has been a shocking testimony that some underground churches in North Korea are misused to track down on Christians by North Korean intelligence agency.  Give Your wisdom, discernment and guidance to the believers in underground churches.


19. About 2 million young people are helplessly accepting temporary jobs in Korea right now.  Although people have various talents and capabilities, this society seems to insist on taking in people with some particular experiences and work skills only.  Those who do not have those qualifications are mistaken for "failures" or "losers."  Change this country that it could give hope to young people.


20. We confess our sins of living with distorted values in which we look for future marriage partners' capability to satisfy our needs.  We value 'ability to gain wealth' rather than godly character in a spouse to be.  Lead us to work hard to become a servant first, before marrying someone, so that we may have a family that is after Your heart.


21. Thank you for the love You have been giving to South Korean Christians for North Korean escapees.  Help the new settlers cope with fear and sense of comparison.  Encourage them to look to you and lead a healthy life.  Make them grow spiritually so that they will be able to reach out to their fellow North Koreans when the country opens up.  Help these people become bridge builders between North and South Koreas.


22. Help Land Justice Civilian Coalition present the new cabinet their market-friendly land policies that can be adopted by the government.  Give your guidance and resources to those who are committed to the land justice.  Help them to trust and build strong relationships with one another.


23. Help those workers at Sarang Community Church's Senior Continuing Education Center have a good team work and serve one another with joy.  Anoint each one of them so that their gifts may be instrumental in having Your kingdom expanded wherever they are sent by God.


24. Save Soh, Joanne's family (Joanne was in the 35th Class of Postulants) and help Joanne with her pastoral and discipleship ministry.  Give your help to Soh, Jin-Young and Yang, Yoon-Ho who have committed to UBF at Havard Center, Boston, MA.  Heal Jin-Young from chronic hepatitis and give her a child.  Help Missionary Yoon-Ho Yang while studying in the U.S.A.



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