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Intercessory Prayer Log ( Feb)
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February 2008

1. Help the churches in Korea embrace their disaster-struck neighbors and others who suffer from the conflicts caused among classes of the society.  Enable us to carry out the laws of Jubilee and have the genuine spirit of the Gospel so that the church may regain its credibility and wellness.

2. One of the causes that churches in Korea have been distrusted is because of the issues in "communication."  The Church has formed its own sub-culture by using "their own religious language" of which the society has very little (if not, no) understanding.  Enable our churches to communicate Gospel to the society from their eye level.  Help us embrace the society in their distresses and present them the hope that is found in Jesus Christ.

3. Colleges in Korea have become institutes that prepare students only to get decent jobs.  Now unemployment rate of young people has reached 7% and colleges have been clothed in materialism and pragmatism.  Lead the faculty and students to pursue the truths and to devote themselves to following the truths.  Help the Christian clubs in colleges discern the spiritual state of their campuses and present the Gospel and "Kingdom Culture" to their freshmen throughout this spring semester.

4. February is the month when orientations are given to college freshmen.  These orientations have stirred up disputes over accompanying excessive drinking, improper forms of consumption and pleasure-seeking, and setting unhonorable and abusive nature of relationships between freshmen and older students.  Lead us to find sound and constructive ways of giving freshmen orientations.  Give Your wisdom to Christians that they could present better alternatives.

5. By giving us ministries, God wants us to humble ourselves and give ourselves to others freely.  Ministries are not meant to elevate our status to a higher one.  Help us keep God and people, not efficiency or success, in the center of our ministry, so that other believers may be encouraged to seek humility.

6. Staff at the 'House of foreign workers/House of Korean Chinese' filed a request and presented it to the Ministry of Law regarding unregistered workers. It is expected that these workers will be able to legally re-enter this country with workers' permit after leaving the country voluntarily. Help us pass the peace and love of Jesus Christ to these foreign workers so that they live in this strange land in peace and hope.

7. North Korea wants its name to be deleted from the list of terror-assisting countries and that of hostile countries with which other nations are prohibited to trade.  However, it procrastinates its final reports on nuclear weapons and facilities.  This has yielded conflicts with South Korea.  Help our new cabinet strive to keep good relations with North Korea, as we build peaceful diplomatic relations with the rest of the world.  Let there be positive changes among the political leaders in North Korea throughout this year.

8. One church that experienced a painful division years ago is now becoming one again by overcoming a long-standing conflict.  Its pastors and elders are determined to see through this process and they are serving their neighborhood even in this procedure.  Encourage the rest of the churches in Korea to obey God who called us to be one.  Help us turn our backs on divisions and power games.  Let good examples be communicated to the rest of this society.

9. The state of New Hampshire, U.S.A. has given equal rights to same-sex couples, starting from the beginning of this year.  This was the fourth state that adopted the laws concerning same-sex couples.  Same-sex human rights organizations have been demanding on using the term 'marriage' for their couples.  Lead America to take a part in becoming the light and truth despite the darkness in part of its society.  Let God's principles be known to Americans and let them stand to reason.

10. One ordinary Arab young man was arrested, in 2005, after hacking and distributing a murder video on the Internet.  He had been influenced by ideologies of a radical Islam group on the Internet.  Let this sort of a crime never happen again.  Instead, let the love and good news of Jesus Christ influence people.  Lead many Muslims to be converted to Christianity through the Internet.

11. We repent on behalf of many Korean believers who compromise with long-standing ancestor worship and idol worship especially on Lunar Calendar's New Year's Day.  Let your goodness and glory be known to each family throughout this holiday.  Lead the churches to serve foreign workers in love on this holiday

12. We pray for Kenya.  There has been dictatorship for 24 years (since 1978) and a multiple political party system since 1992.  However, corrupted politicians have been instigating tribes to violence and 300 died through their bloody conflicts after their presidential election last December.  Let there be no more bleedings in this country.  Restore their economy.

13. Throughout the 20th century, China and Europe have seen an increase in the number of people who pursue atheism and secularism.  There has been a slight decrease in this number since the fall of communist government in China.  Lead Chinese Christians to effectively present the Gospel to others so that they may bring changes in people who believe in materialistic secularism and atheism.

14. Let jealousy, competition, taking sides, and criticism be uprooted in churches and in this country, as these cause people to take actions that belong to flesh.  As brother and sisters who serve the same Lord, we pray that we be united with the same purposes and directions in our faith.  Help believers who are involved in prayer movements be connected so they may pray together with synergy.

15. Bahn, Gi-Moon, the chairman of UN, said 2008 is the year of poverty-struck 1 billion people who have been neglected by international society.  He has set up goals in the areas of poverty elimination, environmental protection, healthcare, education and so on.  Take away the egocentrism in the nations and help us share burdens.  Let people know that the land issue is one of the major causes for poverty.  Let God's justice be preached and practiced as well as relief ministries.

16. Have mercy on North Korea who has built a tall wall around it, isolating itself from the other nations.  Tear down the wall and embrace the country with Your light.  Intervene in every policy-making process and practice of each policy.  Let no greed or pride be in the way.  Help them become considerate of others as they pursue peaceful exchanges with South Korea.

17. Let the North Korean settlers in South Korea become Your Kingdom's citizens.  Help them know that You have the eternal home for them.  Lead more churches to participate in ministries that reach out to these settlers.  Let there be more effective programs that help them settle and make good adjustments.

18. A recent survey shows that the average time a college student converses with his family is 42 minutes, while a student who lives away from his home, 11minutes a day.  Let this society know that man cannot live alone.  Even in homes, people spend less and less time talking with their family members.  Restore our families that we discard egocentrism and narrowness in our hearts.  Change us that we love one another and be able to communicate in love.

19. Daviden Elden (spelled right?), the president of Dubai International Finance Center, said that there is no reason not to consider South Korea to be the country where he may make a future investment.  Let this "Oil Dollar" be never misused by Muslims in Korea.  Let the Oil Dollar be rightfully used for spreading of the Gospel to Muslims and unreached people groups instead. 

20. We lift up President Lee, Myung-Bak and Lee, Kyung-Sook, the chairperson of Take-Over Committee.  Let these two Christian leaders fear You and have servant leadership.  Lead them to be considerate of the poor and the outcast.  Give them wisdom and carefulness to stabilize the prices of land and properties.  Help them clear up all the distrust and divisions that were created during the last election.  Encourage them to pursue peace-making and unity.

21. Heal Kim, Man-Shil (brain cancer) and Bishop Lee's mother (lung cancer) and take away the pain from their body.  Help their families care for them in love.  Give Your love and new strength to Bishop Lee's wife who cares for her mother-in-law.

22. Let there be proper compensations to those whose lives have been seriously affected by the oil contamination in Tae-An.  Bring Ye-Seul and Hye-Jin, who have been kidnapped, back to their families.

23. Let Father Aidan Ahn and Jesus Abbey ministry team serve pastors and their wives (in Dogye, Taebaek, and Sabook) with Your love through a Holy Spirit Seminar, February 14-16.

24. Help Pastor Brad Long and his team be well-prepared for Dunamis Seminar from March 10 to 14 in Hallelujah Church, Seoul.  Let there be unity and true servant heart as people prepare for this seminar.  Protect all who are involved from any attack of Satan.  Let this seminar be deeply rooted in churches of Korea and be instrumental in bringing Your glory and presence to the churches.  Use this seminar to upbuild the body of Christ.

25. Comfort a missionary couple, Chun-Min Park and Sun-Hee Kim, during their grieving process after the death of their daughter.  Be with them and help them overcome their grief and sense of loss.  Fill their hearts with Your love.

26. Deliver North Korea out of the idol worship of Jung-Il Kim.  Restore the arable land in North Korea so that it could yield crops and farm produce.  Another food crisis is expected due to the floodings last July and August and the food export control measure of Chinese government.  Lead our churches and NGO's to continue to send foods to North Korea.  Pyungyang University of Science and Technology will be open in April 2008.  Send devoted Christian professors to this university and help them nurture and train students in Your love.


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