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Intercessory Prayer Log(Mar.)
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   영문대도록(0803).hwp (33.5K) [47] DATE : 2008-06-04 11:45:47
Intercession (March 2008) † We repent on behalf of the churches of Korea for hereditary transmission of clergy, unethical issues in the lives of pastors, and failure to pay taxes. Let the churches present to the world not only the hope in Christ, but also good examples of ethical standards, so that they may preach the Gospel not only with their lips, but with their lives. † President Lee attempted to do away with the Ministry of Unification, but then retracted his proposal as this was met by a strong opposition. Lead the new government to work toward the fruition of the last 20 years' endeavor for the unification of the two Koreas. Give Your wisdom and insight to President Lee so that he gains understanding of the nation's history and builds harmonious relationship with North Korea. † The Unification Church has formed a political party called, Peaceful Unification & Family Party (Unification Party, in short) and is about to run for the Congress Election next April. They have registered candidates at 243 electoral districts. Keep Satan from influencing the country's politics. Lead the Church of Korea stand up against this with God's wisdom and truth. † It has been decided that the Law Schools will have 57% admissions from Seoul and 43%, non-Seoul areas. Through the recent permit on Law Schools, colleges are expected to have more hierarchy. Help Koreans achieve the purpose of having Law Schools, which is to train men and women with various undergraduate majors. Save this society from the state of disorder that was caused by the severe reaction of the colleges against the introduction of Law Schools. † Over two thousand students in a college in Seoul signed up to urge Christians not to witness on their campus last year. Lead the Christians to witness with God's wisdom as the colleges are blinded by negative ideas about Christianity, relativism, humanism and materialistic values. Protect the students (esp. freshmen) on each campus so that they would not be misled by heresies or cults. † Fortune-tellers are particularly located in the poor neighborhood where there are fewer churches. Lead the churches in Korea to build communities of faith with good strategies and purpose so that poor people may be saved from spiritual oppression. † Special education (education for handicapped children) will start to be reinforced by the Korean government in 2010. Let this change influence our values and train enough teachers who can give good help to handicapped children. † North Korea has been the country with the most persecutions for the last 6 years. Christians are beaten, tortured and murdered for their faith. Have mercy on people in North Korea and protect the believers. Remove all forms of oppression in the country. † North Korea is about to secretly elect one of Kim, Jung-Il's sons to perpetuate Kim's rulership. For the next 5 years, any discussions as to the next successor are to be strictly forbidden. Let it never happen in the country. Raise a leader who is after Your heart for the next term. † Heal the emotional wounds of the North Korean escapee women who have married Chinese men in China through human trafficking. Let the Chinese government give the women legal residential permit so that they may be able to lead their life with dignity. † Forgive those in Korean government who are to revise the laws so that those laws would allow more freedom of abortion. Make them realize that men are created by You and their life belongs to You. Let the concerned laws may be in line with the biblical values. † There are women involved in suicidal bombing in various parts of the world now. Women pretend to be pregnant by hiding bombs under their garments and this ensures easier accessibility to their targets. Put this to an end and lead them to meet the Prince of Peace. † In order for 2010 World Cup in South Africa to be a success, some have asserted that prostitution be legalized in that country. Bring changes to people's mind so that prostitution should not be justified for the sake of national profit. Help South Africa be evangelized so that the country learns about Your truths. † Over 400 were injured and 39 killed by the earthquakes last February 3 and 4 in Rwanda and Congo. People who were attending Sunday services were severely harmed. Send Your helping hands to them and give them Your comfort. † For the last one year, foreign professors and long-term missionaries left China because they could not get their visas extended. Help the indigenous believers gain good understanding of the work left to them and take on it with a zeal. Let Chinese believers continue to serve others in their community of faith. † An affair of bloodshed in Kenya was resulted in almost 1500 casualties for the last one month, because of the conflicts over corruptions during the presidential election last December. Lead their political leaders to pursue the welfare of the country instead of their own profits, as UN has opened a negotiation. Give them good judgments and help them make informed decisions. Lead several NGO' s in country intervene in this situation by protecting women, children and people who have lost their shelters and jobs. † Heavy snowfalls and cold wave in China, Iran, Saudi Arabia and Israel have resulted in power failure and victims who froze to death. Get Your speedy relief and help to those in these countries. Lead the governments to get the damage be minimal by making preparations for future unusual atmospheric phenomena. † We lift up Christians in India. Four of them were killed and 95 church buildings burnt down by people in their anti-Christianity riots last year. Over 1000 believers are staying out in the jungles at the present. Rebuke Satan for his interrupting in Your kingdom. Give Your comfort to the believers under persecutions, with Your Word and Holy Spirit. † The civil strife that broke out in Chad has yielded many refugees and civilian victims. Due to the criticism and antagonistic relations between Chad and Sudan, these two countries are in a very unstable state. Change their lives by the power of the Gospel so that they could understand and accept each other through Your love. † Let there be unity among the staff of Henry George Association, Korea so that they are prepared for the unification of Korea. Help them proclaim Your principles on Land Justice in the churches and in the whole country. † Give Your strength and wisdom to all at Henry George Association Korea, Land Justice Civilians' Coalition, Jubilee Land Justice Movement, and Land + Liberty Research Institute so that they could excel in every task that has been entrusted to them. Send Your financial provisions to them. Protect Lee, Shin-Gun and Choi, Jin-Hyuk as they are engaged in making a comic book that will educate Koreans about God's land laws. † Lead brothers and sisters (whom You have called) to obey You by coming to the 55th Postulant Training Program of Jesus Abbey. Give everyone at Jesus Abbey Your love for the new postulants. † Let South Sudan and North Sudan work together in peace. Protect Sister Shay Budolf as she helps the orphans in Sudan be adopted by families in other countries.


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