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Intercessory Prayer Log(June)
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Intercessory Log (June)

† Korean Churches' public service organization which originally had constructed to remove an oil slick in Tai-ahn launched to help Myanmar and China. Pour out with the Holy Spirit upon this work so that Korean Churches can be changed communities to share and serve the neighbors. And make this movement continue on to help sensitively the needs in places of disasters.

† Social discord caused from trading beef is spreading all around the country, which is bringing complete distrust and rejection to ordinary people toward government leadership. Let christian young men awaken to discern God's will and give them your wisdom and heart to pray so that they may accomplish your justice in this society.

† Numerous teachers' union lets out different voices about current issues, which avoids students' rights to study. Help these unions take right measures and responsibility for students have rather than push on their demands.

† Every year campus violence stirs up in this society but it wouldn't stop despite efforts made by authority, students, and parents. Help those involved in this matter continue to make every effort to stop campus violence and prepare the public system to prevent it.

† Please forgive our sins desiring against the principle of God's creation. Problem caused by mad cow disease and avian influenza is making matters worse. Help us to find out the solution to these as you saved the Israelite from ten calamities in Egypt so that all the people in the world can escape and return to the Lord.

† Forgive Korean society in which we force to drink so many are alcoholic even though they are christians. Have mercy upon these people to fight against the temptations and return to the Lord, and help them to overcome with trusting the Lord.

† Many poor people are suffering from starvation because of soaring prices of food. Have mercy upon them through your people and help international and domestic relief activities to suggest good ideas to lessen the casualties from this situation. Use every effort to help the poor to witness your love to all nations.

† According to the report, "2008 International sanitary statistics" published by WHO (World Health Organization), average birth rate of Korean women is 1.2 persons a year, which is as low as those of Czech, Poland, Ukraine, and Belarus rating one of the lowest among 193 countries. Let the families expect God's blessings from the birth and restore families as foundations of community.

† Care and touch those who have broken hearts in broken families so that they can love and serve one another. Help this society to solve the problem of child abuse and maintain the policies and systems to prevent that so that every child can grow up with being cared and loved.

† We are sorry for a sexual violence happened in an elementary school in the city of Tae-gu, which caused a panic among people and brought hurts to children involved. Please break the power of Satan trying to spread evil message of that there is no hope in this society. We hold up this confused society into you hands, please make it sacred and restored.

† Help new government suggest alternatives to the North Korean government rather than suggest obligations, so that our government can change the situation to react wisely the relation between North Korea and the States. And give your wisdom and knowledge to President Lee myong-park.

† Christians of North Korea are prisoned under persecution and suppression because they have faith in Jesus. Save them from their sufferings and help them overcome through only trusting in the Holy Spirit

† Chinese government banned North Korea to import flour and applied a high tariff rate of 25% so that people in North Korea are suffering. Give your grace to North Korea to open the door to accept the gospel. Help chinese government change her heart to give chances to North Korea to import grains freely.

† Help damages from cyclone in Myanmar not spreading more and let the government cooperate with international societies so that those who were badly damaged can get proper supports and helps. Let all the damaged people look up to God, the true ark of salvation and come up to the Lord. And help all the volunteers witness love of Jesus to them.

† Many people are suffering both spiritually and physically from a great earthquake hit the city of Sichuan, China. Comfort them and help all the reconstructing and rescuing work to be carried effectively. And let the gospel go through this country through this situation.

† Help Kyrgyz christians hold up their faith in Jesus and grow up in faith even though the government is dealing with christians unfriendly. Help the good news continue to spread and good leaders be established, which results in a great spiritual revival and a stability both economy and politics.

† Help the door for the gospel to be opened in Cambodia so that preachers can witness the good news boldly. Give them your power and wisdom to gain many fruits. And some patients who are suffering from malaria are possessioned with myth and wouldn't see doctors. Let them take proper treatments and local sanitary facilities be prepared and improved.

† Let Tibetans in India including Dalai lama hear and accept the gospel and through these people the cross of forgiveness and peace be shown to those who are suffering. Help churches be established in India and call preachers to serve Tibetans dwelling in India.

† Let all the people in Kenya accept the gospel so that the kingdom of heaven may come upon this country. Eleven old ladies in their 80-90 years old were burnt at the stake being regarded as witches. However nobody cared this incident. Help this ignorance of lives disappear and witch hunt be stopped in Kenya.

† Six million children in Ethiopia are suffering from malnutrifunction because of a bad crop caused by a lasting drought and international soaring prices of grain lack of food. Have mercy upon these children and awake people to send helps and cares to them. Let this country be transformed and restored by the gospel.

† It is often reported that some agents belong to UN Interim Forces and Relief organizations abused children sexually even though they were spent to keep the order and help reconstruction in troubled areas of the world. Rebuke and judge these evil and conceited behaviors so that children can not be hurt any longer. Above all, comfort the children hurt and remove all obstacles for the gospel go through these areas.

† Large-scale riots toward immigrants are reported to happen frequently in Johannesburg and neighboring areas, South Africa. These are interpreted that people in Johannesburg showed their hostility to the immigrants because they were suffering from a lasting economic stagnation, high unemployment rate and prevailing crimes. Comfort these people so that they can escape from nationalism and stop the riots. Help all the residents in Johannesburg cooperate one another to overcome this difficulty.

† Strict Islamic legislation bans prostitution in Afghanistan but the industry of prostitution is getting prosperous. Even chinese people came to this country to practise prostitution. Have mercy upon Afghan girls forced to live as street girls, and create jobs so that prostitutions can be removed.

† Congress in the Great Britain passed the law called 'Frankenstein Law' allowing hybridization between human beings and animals which violate the dignity of human lives given by the Lord. We repent our sins and arrogance. Please let all people acknowledge that the Lord is master of life and the Great Britain proclaim God's justice.

† Please ignite the flames of revival in Wales which is a hometown of a great awakening. Bind up the evil spirits causing successive suicides by young men in Bridgend. Through a revival festival for all nations in Wales, may God's name glorified and let us see those who were locked be liberated from darkness.

† Thank you, the Lord for making changes in Sweden through marching of Jesus. Remember not only Sweden but also other Scandinavian countries so the people in these countries come before the Lord with faith and scatter the seeds of prayer in these areas.

† The magazine PN4N(Prayer Network for North Korea) launched  a movement to raise a fund to help establishing Three Seas Center. Bless this movement and involved people. And raise helping hands to build the center so that we can see the progress with our eyes. Through this center make the fourth river of life flow to North Korea.

† Let every participant including Br. Joseph's family, Br. Anan and Sr. Sue in International School of Dunamis Ministry in the States spend graceful and fruitful time for about four weeks. Help this ministry be connected with Korean churches so that biblical and spiritually balanced theory of the Holy Spirit can spread all over the evangelical denominations.

† Peace between North and South Sudanese government may the South be willing to open an international adoption agency. Keeps Shay Buttolph safe as she travels back and forth to work on this.


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