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Intercessory Prayer Log.(July)
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July 2008

Pray for summer programs:
The Nations Revival Feast (July 13-Aug. 4) in Wales and other locations in Great Britain
TNF's Mt. Keumkang Vision Camp (14-16 and 22-24 July) - Cancelled due to a recent accident
Work Camps for the mission work in North Korea (July 28-Aug. 15) at Three-Seas Ranch.
Bring forth revival through various summer programs of different organizations, waking up the churches of Korea and making a great impact on them.  Keep all the Christian workers sensitive to Your thoughts and your heart so that they be the channels of Your love.

North Korea School are held 13-17 July in Ann Arbor, Michigan and 17-20 July in Cincinnati, Ohio.  There are some spiritual attacks at the churches where this program are offered.  Cover the participants and the places with the blood of Jesus Christ and pour out your love and power to them.  Give Your wisdom and discernment to Brother Ben so that he may accomplish Your wills.

Mission Korea 2008 will be held, under the theme of "Till the Kingdom of the Lord comes" 4-9 August.  Let their worship, messages, and dynamic mission opportunities be instrumental to help participants commit their lives to the Lord.  Give insights to the young people about the directions of their life.  Lead them to be the flames of revival fire for the churches of Korea and respond to the Great Commission of the Lord.

A number of college students recently find "being alone" to be more gratifying and pleasant.  This new trend is caused by the competitive atmosphere on the campuses, related with getting better grades and better jobs.  This is topped with preference over the convenience that they can enjoy as they move around their own schedule.  This tendency can cause self-centered individualism and impair inter-personal communications.  Lead Christian students to model Your servant heart so they could tear down the wall of individualism in college campuses.

The rocketing of oil price and many conflicts in and outside of Korea have stirred up confusion, anxiety, anger, and despair in this society.  Use this situation to encourage people to turn to You.  Let Christians pray for non-believers that there be repentance and renewal among people and churches.  Help us testify Your grace and the hope in You.

North Korean government has requested Unification Church for a financial support of 300 million dollars to help complete the construction of Ryukyung Hotel in Pyongyang.  Unification Church has already been operating Pyunghwa Motors, fuel stations, motor parts stores, travel agencies, civil-engineering company, Botonggang Hotel, trading company and so on in North Korea.  Help Christians wisely prayerfully respond to the seriousness of this situation.

Many churches and mission organizations, such as YWAM Korea and Inter Co-op, plan to send out short-term outreach teams this summer.  Prepare the team members with clear vision and God's point of view.  Help them honor the local cultures and missionaries so that they may not hinder the mission work in the countries where they travel.  Lead Sister Eretz to be a good witness in several different countries for 50 days (from the end of June), and deliver the whole Gospel to those whom she contacts.

Raise up faithful full-time workers for the Community of the Cross and continue to send financial supports for their construction.  Lead people in Dunamis Fellowship to be connected with the churches in Korea and overseas so that they equip many spiritual leaders to renew churches and bring challenges for mission work.

Help Christians in Korea respond to the confusions related with FTA talks with humility and integrity so that they could present truthful ways to cope with the present social chaos.  Let them demonstrate servant leadership by standing against the spirit of the world of control and manipulation.

Chinese government has consented to the proposal of the Bible Society to distribute the Bibles in major Olympic stadiums and Athletes' Village.  Let this be a channel of spreading the Gospel among many Chinese and foreigners.

Open Doors reports that 132 churches in Columbia have been closed down by leftist rebel troops since 2004.  These armed troops believe Christians and Marxists can not co-exist.  Which ever town they capture, they force churches to shut down and kill clergymen who would not cooperate with them.  Keep the churches in Columbia from any more attacks and believers from being wavered in the midst of sufferings.

The survey in June shows that 4 out of 5 North Korean escapees (who settel down in South Korea) find it challenging to accept the competitiveness in South Korea, and 2 out of 10 regrets having left North Korea.  Many churches lack in understanding of North Korean escapees and have unbiblical attitudes toward them.  Help us embrace North Korean escapees with the heart of Christ.

The US midwest floods in Iowa, Wisconsin, Indiana, Illinois, and Missouri have yielded over 40,000 victims and 1.5 billion-dollar damage.  This is thought to have been caused by indiscreet agricultural practices and unusual climatic changes.  Help us restore the attitude of stewardship for the environment which You entrusted to us.  Give Your comfort to those in trouble and help them recover from the strains of this calamity.

Stop the destruction of Amazon forests which was started by people who indiscreetly pursue their own profits.  Let South America have awareness on the need for the protection of the forests.  Help Christians be more attentive to the environmental issues and present healthy alternatives to the rest of the world.

Each nation saw an increase in the expenditure for weapons last year.  US alone spent 547 billion dollars which is the highest amount since the World War II.  Let there be more effective weapon control and arms reduction measures between the nations.  Let the weapons that threaten the mankind be vanished.  Bring peace and reconciliation to nations.

Seventeen towns in southern and northeastern parts of China have recently been inundated by torrential rains.  Other locations adjacent to major rivers including the Yangtze are also in danger of inundation.  The officers of Meterological Administration of China are predicting more severe rains in eastern and southern parts and this will be a major catastrophe to China.  Have mercy, Almighty God, on the people and the land of China.  Bring speedy restoration to those who have been victimized by this disaster.

It is known that Ok Kim, the fourth wife of Kim, Jung-Il, is quietly attempting to have her son, Kim, Jung-Woon succeed in his father's office.  Let this not happen but raise a leader who has love for the people of North Korea.

Raise in the US the awareness of the human rights of North Korea.  We praise God for the new films and books that help readers get a better understanding of the North Korean escapees.  Let this issue not be misused to encourage Americans to have negative impressions of North Korea or misused as a political means.

About one million family heads in Korea are without a job.  Many of them suffer from stress, sense of loss, and depression, and further tempted to take their own lives.  Comfort them and make some good programs available that could give them a new hope in life.

Let people in North and South Korean governments not see each other's nation as opponents but as prospective partners in bringing the two nations into one.  Lead them to look for ways to promote healthy exchanges and cooperation.  Help North Korea respectfully request for help in their crisis of near starvation, instead of trying to tame the new South Korean cabinet.  Send resources to North Korea, especially for its field of medicine that falls behind.

A movement called "Build the Right Views on Education" has been launched out by some Christian educators organizations, such as Christian School Ed Research Center, Christian Ethics Practice Committee, and Good Teachers Movement.  Lead people to examine their views on how students should receive education and achieve success at different stages of their lives.  Let Christians hold onto the right values about their children's education.  Help them rise above the irony of pursuing Christian and secular values at the same time.

Dr. Chung, Du-Gyo recently had a surgery to remove tumors from
his adrenal gland and lymph.  Heal him and help him recover from the surgery.  Give him stronger faith and let his mother grow in faith through this situation.

Lead Kim, Min-Soo to have a personal encounter with God and to receive a spiritual training.  Help believers at Yondong Church continue to grow in You.

Make our quarantine be reinforced especially as we face the crisis concerning the import negotiation.  We specially need improved agricultural and stock farm products' distribution process so that the rights of the farmers and consumers can be protected.  Lead the Korean government to do its best to revive the economy both for the  farmers and common people.

Raise up and call Korean Americans to missions during the Missions Conference at Weaton College and Billy Graham Center from July 28 to August 1.  Help the missionaries at the conference be renewed in their commitment to You and in their walk in the Holy Spirit.

For the Land School at Jesus Abbey from July 30 to August 2.
Bring people to attend this program.  Let Your presence make a difference in each schedule so that this program may be greatly used to help establish Your justice in this land.  Let the books of Land Plus Liberty Research Center be published without obstacles by competent publishing companies.

Help Myung, Dong-Gwang, a former missionary to Africa for the past 10 years, and his family receive the right visas for the US so they could minister to a Korean church in North Carolina.  Let Namok Training Center be used to serve the people of God according to Your wills.


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