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Intercessory Prayer Log.(Aug)
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A group of core members of one house church and a missionary in Heijongjiang area in China were arrested and imprisoned last July.  Several other house churches were tracked down by Chinese government for that China fears the publicity of the oppression of Christian churches.  Comfort Chinese Christians and let the Olympic Games become a channel of revival and evangelism for Chinese believers.

Many parents in Korea invest multi-million wons in getting their children learn English through various summer programs.  Lead people to find ways to encourage students to be engaged in self-motivated learning.  Give wisdom to Christian parents so that they could equip their children with biblical values.

Some churches in Korea have been found with corruptions which even secular sectors do not tolerate.  Many church members try to cover it up only because they think it is not edifying to deal with it by social laws.  Help churches demonstrate God's justice and laws.

A relatively recent strategy of heretic churches is to sneak into local churches, distort the truth, cause confusions and finally tear down churches.  Equip believers with Your truths so that they may sustain the power of the Gospel.
The prolonged stagnancy of economy in Korea makes youngsters' job-finding process more challenging these days.  The depressing prospect of the market shrinks employment.  Many college students desperately work harder without rest even throughout their summer vacation.  Help them be rested and comforted in Christ.  Give them Your hope and vision for their life.

Senior pastor of one church in Inchon city has borrowed money on the security of his church building and this has been found out by an elder of the same church.  The pastor has been sentenced to one year in prison with a stay of execution for two years.  Nevertheless, he further tried to excommunicate the elder.  We pray that there be no ministers who distort and misuse their authority in order to gather wealth for themselves.  Lead the pastors to be with a pure heart as they lead their congregations. 

One big-sized church has sold their property in Bundang to a heretic church which will, as a result, increase its influence in that neighborhood.  This will necessitate the churches in the area to be alert about this heretic church.  Let the church in Korea take the risk of financial loss for the sake of protecting their believers.

Recent protests on beef import and several incidents for the past few months have created divisions and distrust in Korean society.  Let people acknowledge their faults and accept the others on the opposite end of the rope.
Let there be proper measures to guarantee human rights for foreign women who are married to Korean men, and their children.

Ever since the Arabic Muslims' conquer in 640 A.D., Egypt has, for over 1,000 years, had multitudes of Christians and given birth to great theologians.  Now, there is a bigger gap between Coptic Christians and Muslims than ever before.  Great Christian traditions of Egypt are removed from historic records so that Egyptians may forget how Christianity contributed to Egyptian society.  Let people of Egypt rediscover their spiritual legacy and thus come to Christ and have a revival.

Korea is experiencing a big confusion and disappointment regarding the shootdown of a South Korean woman on Mt. Keumgang tour group, and Japan's challenge to establish their ownership of Dok-do Island.  Help our president and government cope with these crises with long-term goals.  Keep President Lee surrendering to You so that he could deal with these situations with good judgment and justice.

Officials in Korean government and One-Nation Party are afraid of the public opinion which is against their attempt to do away with "land taxation."  Stop the officials from moving forward with their plans.  May there be watchmen of justice, such as Henry George Association Korea, Jubilee Movement, Land Justice Civilians' Coalition, and Land + Liberty Institute.  Let this situation turn into an opportunity to spread God's justice and encourage politicians to come up with better policies.

Give Russia the right ethics on sex as Moscow has become a place of prostitution and human trafficking (which came with a better economic state).  Let them have laws to put regulations on numerous problems and ensure protections for the weak.

Let the participants of Land School, North Korea Schools, and Mission Korea 2008 be determined to devote their life to God for the work with which You have entrusted to them.  Help them not be led by feelings.  Lead them to the missions for South and North Koreas and for the nations.


Help Christians not be divided between evangelism and relief ministry, for the true Gospel presents solutions not just about sins but also for life's oppressive conditions such as deseases and poverty.  Lead Christians to present practical help and hope to the needy and oppressed.

In Asia, AIDS is found in a limited number of groups of people, such as drug users, homosexuals, clients of prostitutes and their sexual partners.  There are a relatively small number of people with AIDS.  However, a rapid increase in the number of those who contracted AIDS has moved from Africa to Asia.  Let the Asian countries understand the seriousness of this and come up with the right measures through educatio of ethics, and safe blood transfusions.

Approximately 800 million people in the whole world go to sleep hungry.  One out of 5 infants die before they reach 5.  3 out of 10 do not have safe drinking water.  2 million children die of dehydration because of  contaminated drinking water every year.  The poverty-stricken regions are the ones that desperately need the Gospel.  Lead Christians to have a balance between evangelism and relief ministry so that both the spirit and body may be saved.

North Korea has been the number one persecuting country for the last 5 years (#2 Saudi Arabia, #3 Iran, #4 Somalia, #5 Maldive).  It is also one of the few countries that cruelly oppress Christians.  Help Christians in North Korea keep their faith.  Intervene in these countries so that persecutions and threats may vanish.

Islam has about 1.3 billion believers, (1/5 of the whole population of the world) in over 140 countries.  It is the second largest religion in Europe.  May God's love, grace and truth melt down the walls of Islam.  Help missionaries to Islamic world be patient and wise in their work.

This coming September 10 will be the 70th anniversary of the day on which the church of Korea decided to accept Japanese worship at a shrine.  Churches in Korea have consented that this September 10 will be the day of praying for this nation.  Christians will confess our sins related with this day and will pray for forgiveness and renewal.  Let Christians in Korea lay down their lust, egocentrism, and immorality, and rededicate themselves to restoring justice in this land.

Protect an undercover DTS for North Korea.  Strengthen the students and staff.  Help them maintain unity in humility and love.  Let the love and unity be a powerful weapons for spiritual battles.
A survey administered by 5 NGO's (such as World Vision, Global Resource Service, etc.) shows that there has been a serious decrease of rations in North Korea from 600 to 150 grams per person.  North Korean government may not be able to keep up the decreased ration either.  Continue to send foods to North Korea.  Give them optimal weather for a good harvest this fall.

Lead many Korean churches to join North European churches in sending food supplies to North Korea.  Holy Spirit, help out North Korea Study Seminar in Restenas, Sweden from August 29 to September 12.

Help Soonyi Byun as she finishes  her graduate program in the US.  Give Your anointing to her as she ministers to a local Korean church in Boston area.  Send her good workers to minister together.

Give visas to Brother Peter Sung and his family as Peter is planning to study at a Mennonite seminary in US.  Keep his pregnant wife, Photina, in good health.


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