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Intercessory Prayer Log(Sep.)
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September 2008

* Forgive us, believers in Korea, for we have distorted the meaning of the Gospel and diluted the Bible truths by carelessly taking in humanistic teachings.  Help us examine where we lost our spiritual strength and know how our church should be restored.  Lead Christians to gain the leading role in this world.

* Keep the believers in Korea spiritually awake as watchmen over heretic churches.  Give us sensitivity and discernment.  People in Unification Church have been expanding their influence over religious, political and economic sectors within this country.  Have mercy on them and lead the leaders of the church to come to Your truth.

* Christians will remember Korean churches' surrender to Shintoism and repent on Sep. 10, the Day of National Prayer.  May everything that people at the rally are to do during the rally be aligned with the Scripture.  Give strength and wisdom to the staff of Golden Altar Ministries as they work hard to ignite 'unity' in Korea's churches through this rally.

* Japan's annexation to the possession of Dokdo Islet and marking of the US Board on Geographic Names (BGN) have been a disturbing news.  Let Japan cease to be imperialistic toward this issue and keep BGN from distorting the historic record.  Lead BGN to take an objective view on this matter by doing a thorough research.

* Because of the increase of the prices and unemployment rate, Koreans have a considerably less festive mood for this coming Chusok. Help us turn around and reach out to the needy in our neighborhood instead of desperately seeking only the economic boost.

* Forgive us our sins of overly engaging our children in learning English.  (Parents are paying English-speaking children for giving private lessons in the name of "friendship.")  Give us a good and balanced alternative to equip students with for their future.

* We pray for the annual conference of Presbyterian Church of Korea which will be held in Jeju lsland this fall to celebrate the 100 th anniversary of their missions outreach in the island.  Give them good judgments about the future of this denomination so that they can wisely prepare for it.

* The suicide rate is increasing among medical doctors in Korea due to overwork and stress.
Many families are experiencing fatal side-effects from sending their children overseas for schooling.  Family heads easily get into addiction and depression which are major causes for divorce.

* Pray for more employments and a better work environment for Koreans in their 20's.  Many young college graduates end up preparing for one year or two till they finally get a job.

* Global warming is causing a decrease in rain, which is expected to create serious water shortage problem.  Help us become good steward of the environment.

* We praise You for the decrease in AIDS- related deaths due to preventative education and advanced treatments.  Help us so that we may keep it up and reach out to AIDS patients in your love.  Give new strength to those who minister to AIDS patients and make their ministry active.

* Cleanse us from our sins of keeping silence about injustice, lack of generosity in giving and serving, immorality, overly ambitious incline to church growth, and self-centeredness in this society.

* Help us, believers in Korea, to learn from those in former East and west Germany who continuously exchanged their resources, honored each other's heritage, and complemented on each other instead of criticizing.

* Let people in the power belt give more influence to North Korea and use them mightily to take the Gospel into North Korea.

* Many are losing their life in North Korea due to a critical lack of medical resources.  Send North Koreans standardized medicines of good quality through exchange program between South and North Korea.  Build pharmaceutical manufacturing factories in North Korea.

* Help South Korea and USA deal with Nuke issues of North Korea with grace and meticulous preparation.  Lead North Korea to open up itself to the nations.  Let the economy in North Korea be restored and meet the needs of North Korean people.

* Let people in China value freedom and human rights so that they stop oppressing Christians.  Protect Christians and lead them to grow and become faithful servants of Yours.  Watch over missionaries and let them be instrumental in bringing in life to churches in China.

*  For the Gospel to be spread in Malta.  Let those who have migrated to other countries and become Christians  witness to other people in Malta.

*  Let people in Japan come to the Light.  Help missionaries  be sensitive to the spiritual needs of Japanese people and effectively minister to them.

* Send foods to people in Ethiopia, who are suffering from hunger.  Let its government have effective measures to fight against famine and starvation.  Lead the believers love and give to others in need.

* Revive the economy, social welfare system and political sectors in Mongolia so that people's life may not be affected by their deteriorated politics.  Keep heretic churches from spreading their false teachings.  Help missionaries not become despaired in difficult situations concerning visa situation.  Build healthy churches so that believers can grow in good  environment.

* Russia and Georgia have signed a truce which may end up in another cold war.  Send Your love and peace to these two countries.

* Pray for 226 children who are staying with their mothers in prison in Afghanistan.  Have mercy on the female prisoners who have been deserted by their family.  Send Your servants to reach out to them in love.

* Due to a flood, people in west Africa are facing a great price increase and a threat of contagious deseases.  Some of the countries have lost their major highways, bridges, and railroads and this necessitates the emergency support from other nations.  Send them relief materials and keep food prices from going up.

* Two suicidal bombing attacks left 100 people dead and 80 injured in Pakistan.  This was done due to Taleban‘s enmity caused by cleanup operations on Taleban rebel troops.  Let them learn that violence will keep them pursuing endless terrorism.  May they learn of the love and servant heart of Jesus christ.

* We praise You for " the Nations Revival Festival " in Wales.  Let the conference be instrumental in leading Christians to worship You, pray, repent and experience the Holy Spirit's anointing.

*  As a result of lsrael's quell on Palestinians' demonstration for the removal of dividing walls between lsrael and Palestine, a boy who had got shot died during the operation.  15 other Palestinians were shot and injured.  Comfort them and vindicate them.  Pour out Your grace to lsrael that they may repent and discover true peace in the Gospel.

*  People in Korean government are attempting to turn down on the agenda for Land taxation laws.  staff of Sungtomo (Henry George Association Korea) are making a comic book  and small booklets as educational materials.  Give them new strength and wisdom.  Help them respond to the government with wisdom.

* Pray for Park, Eum-Young, an obstetrician, who will be working in Wonju Gidok Hospital for one more year.  Help her in her work and keep her from making mistakes when operating on her patients.  Let her not go weary spiritually and physically.  Show her next step.

* Pray for the literacy textbook-making conference at Gamaliel's home for 2 weeks.  This is being done for people in inner regions in Mongolia.  Give them wisdom to write a good textbook.  Pray for protection.  Lead Professor Bayara to know Christ a believe in Him.  Help Mona as she takes care of Gamaliel's two children.

* Help Charity chun when she travels to a neighboring country in order to renew her visa for lsrael to attend a conference a Tabernacle Feast.

* Pray for Lee, Yang-Sook who helped at Jesus Abbey Kitchen for one month  this summer.  Lead her husband, choi, Dae-Kyung, to accept Jesus christ as his personal Savior.  Lead her two sons, Wook-Jin and Yu-Jin, to have a personal encounter with You.
* Lee,Grace's mother has been operated on in order to remove the tumor between her lung and heart.  Heal her completely and comfort her.


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