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Intercessory Prayer Log(Oct.)
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October 2008

1 We confess that the biggest reason the Presbyterian Church and many other denominations in the Korean church have experienced splits is the haste of trying to gain the glory of resurrection without going through the suffering of the cross.  Let the Korean church deeply recognize and learn from the Lord who came down from His throne in haven lowered himself to become the most pitiful condemned criminal.

2 We see that the unity and agreement of the Korean church is a necessary prerequisite for the peaceful unification of Korea.  Let there be true repentance from the divisions of the past, and let visible projects for unity be carried out seriously.  In the name of Jesus of Nazareth we bind Satan's powers of division and alienation; Spirit of reconciliation rule completely.

3 Pray for Henry George Association Korea and Land Plus Liberty Institute.

4 Pray for Professor Jun, Gang-Soo.

5 Pray for the Land School in Beijing till October 6.

6 Give the right judgment and wisdom to the Korean government concerning USA's financial crisis, Kim Jong-Il's health issue and the deadlock in six-nation talk, and Japan's new cabinet.  Help the nation's political leaders cope with the present situations and turn the challenges into opportunities for growth and positive changes.  Lead them to exercise fair economic policies, considering the people with low income.

7 The governing Grand National Party (GNP) Monday decided to submit to the National Assembly the government-proposed revision bill to ease regulations for property owners without making any change.  Keep this bill from getting accepted.  Help social organizations and people in Korea become watchmen over this issue.  Raise the political leaders who seek justice, so that they promote market-friendly public concept of land ownership.  Help them also ban the high-interest moneylending businesses that hamper the sound consumption climate and drive debtors to suicides.

8 Let a wholesome Holy Spirit movement spread through Christian Community Association of Korea.  Help them be one hearted and be instrumental in renewing and reforming the Korean church.  Pour out Your fresh anointing on Pastor Kim Hyun-Jin, so that he may not become weary in this ministry but keep up the good work.

9 We believe that there is no authority on earth that has not come from heaven.  Fundamental assertions are coming out about North Korea after Kim Jong-Il.  Let Kim Jong-Il fulfill his role in opening the way for the North Korean people to live, through a final decision to listen to the moderate powers supporting reform and openness.

10 Let more South Korean businesses enter the Gaesong Industrial Complex, and let more North Korean workers be needed so that in that place meetings between North and South can take place extensively.  Let the construction of dormitories in Gaesong take place soon, and let advanced products be made there and recognized by the USA and the international community, and become the heart of the Korean export economy.

11 Because of the Buddhists' assertion of "religious bias", movements to legally prohibit religious bias are arising all over the society of public officials.  If there is anything that has been embellished for evil intentions, let it come to light, and if there are misunderstandings, let them be resolved in the truth.  Let the facts become dear so that this is not seen by the average person as fighting among religions for their own interests.

12 Lord, You commanded, "Fathers, do not exasperate your children; instead, bring them up in the training and instruction of the Lord" (Eph. 6:4).  Let foolish parents, who think of the precious children entrusted to them by God for a moment as their own possession and beat them according to their emotions, become deeply aware of Your command and repent so that their wrong actions can be stopped.

13 Have compassion on the thousands of North Korean orphans in China and the children of North Korean mothers without a country, and give them an environment where they can enjoy to the full the basic rights of human beings.  Especially help them not to lose the opportunity to learn, and to be treated humanly and experience deep love from their parents or friends.

14 Help the North Korean escapees living in South Korea acknowledge their roles in unification and prepare themselves for it.  Deliver them from their sense of failure and give them courage to progress to ensure a bright future.  Give love to those who serve NK escapees so that they could accept the escapees in spite of the differences in thinking and acting.

15 Let the high-tech equipment needed for PUST be provided smoothly.  Through this let the students who will study there not experience any inconvenience.  Also let the many students who will study at PUST know the truth, and become light and salt in the North Korean society.

16 Thank you God for leading the continued expansion of the welfare system in Korean society.  Let children from lower income families, double income families, one-parent families and children living with grandparents, who can be neglected, receive care through the Dream-Tree Peace School, and not lose their dreams but discover and cultivate their talents.

17 God, You are patient with mankind, not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance (2 Peter 3:9).  Let more Muslims like Masab Hassan Yousef meet God personally and be saved.  In Israel, one of the most tense areas of strife in the world, let Your "shalom" take root between Jews and Palestinians.

18 Pour out Your grace so that the anti-Christian violence in Orissa state in east India, which does not show signs of calming, can come to an end.  Let these uprisings which started due to anti-Christian agitation and rumors be subdued, and let God's comfort and appropriate help be passed on to those harmed.

19 Persecutions on missionaries are getting intense in Sri Lanka.  Protect them and give them Your peace and boldness.  Lead them to exercise discernment and wisdom in their ministry.  Change the policies in the government of Sri Lanka so that missionaries may get the right visas and spread the Gospel in that country.

20 Praise God for the blessings on the farming work in Bo-Eun Jesus Village.  Help their members have a time of refreshment and renewal, for many of them are weary from construction work.  Send them new workers.

21 Thank You Lord for Pastor Choi, Joon-Man and Jung, Soon-Mi who have been faithfully serving people in Taebaek area for the past 13 years.  You have led them to their ministry and given them strength to do it.  Give them some time off for a much needed rest.  Send them good partners so that their ministries can continuously grow in their church, Habitat, and clinic.

22 Help Eunia's father recover from an open heart surgery without complications.  Let there be no more blood clots which could block other blood veins, especially the ones in the brain.  Help him have a more intimate encounter with You throughout this time.

23 Let "News and Joy," a Christian news magazine, be financially independent and find its way into Christian organizations and the life of believers, so that it may be instrumental in bring transformations into Korean church.

24 Please intervene in the Presidential Election in the USA so that the next president will fulfill Your plans concerning social justice and equity, families, sexuality, poverty, social extremes, financial crisis and global warming.

25 Pray for Sung Peter's family to adjust well to their life in the USA.

26. Pray for Jun, Gang-Soo's daughter.


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