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Intercessory Prayer Log(Dec.)
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December 2008

The continued economic depression in Korea is affecting churches as well.  Church leaders are cutting down on budgets and number of workers. We repent that believers have accumulated wealth for their own churches, investing big sums of money on church buildings.  Help us look after the people in need by serving them and sharing with them what we have. 

Economic depression also maximizes the phenomenon, 'the rich get richer, the poor poorer.'  Many are facing the pain accompanied by the price increase.  Lead Koreans to stop pursuing the power and unrighteous profits, but learn and practice biblical economic principles and God's kingdom values.  Help us care for the poor in distress during this season.

We thank you, God, for those who worship you in spirit and truth and pray with the guidance of the Holy Spirit (We also hear that the number of intercession groups is increasing).  We hear about disasters such as earthquakes, terrorist attacks, suicides, and economic depression.  Let your people stand against the spirit of greed and immorality in this country.  Help us become good witnesses of Jesus, the Light and Hope, to unbelievers.

About 41 % of Koreans own no homes, as "each" of the 100 richest people own 150 homes.  Lead Koreans to have a paradigm shift about owning property.  Let the government give ears to people without homes and have a good introspection on land policies.

Over 320 enterprises went bankrupt last month.  Small and medium enterprises employ 70-80 % of the people who can work.  This shows that there will be a higher unemployment rate.  The Korean government unfortunately has not presented proper measures but focus on policies that are in favor of large enterprises.  Help the government prepare effective support measures for small and medium enterprises and devise countermove for exchange rates, bank interests (and interest administration), and household liabilities.

Let the church in Korea practice koinonia toward its neighbors in this joyful season, despite the economic cold waves.  Help us, believers, present Jesus who came into this world to preach the Good News, set the captives free, make the blind see, and liberate the oppressed. 

Young people in their twenties are called 'the generation with deep hurts and shocks.'  They experienced IMF-related crisis, unlimited competition, worldwide economic crises, and sense of failure.  Let them dream good dreams again.  Let the Korean government provide measures that could help young people prepare for a healthy future and come out of economic depression and social stagnation.  Lead the church to present the true meaning of life for young people and help them find God's calling in their lives.

People from Unification Church and Shinchonji are sneaking into college campuses with subtle and meticulous strategies.  Protect Student Body from being used as a channel to expand their influence.  Let the Christians on the campuses be united with efficiency and wisdom to stand against evil spirits, and be deeply rooted in the true Gospel.

People from various nations emigrate due to wars, schooling, politics, and religious differences. This is a wonderful opportunity for mission, especially for tent-making missionaries.  Give Christian businessmen effective strategies to reach out to them.

Let tent-making mission set a wholesome, biblical model.  Help tent-making missionaries never serve both God and mammon.  Raise many more tent-making missionaries so that they would be instrumental in transforming families, villages, tribes, and nations.

North Korean government is trying to improve its economic status by inducing investments from overseas.  An Egyptian telecommunication company has announced that they would invest 400 million US dollars in constructing cordless telecommunication network in North Korea.  Ryukyung Hotel, the building of which has been left uncompleted for 16 years, will be built within 3 years with the investment of one company in Arab Emirates.  Let this be a channel for N. Korea to become a reasonable member of international society.  Open the door for the abundant data be owned commonly by people in North Korea through cordless telecommunication network.

Not all the North Korean escapees are cared for, in spite of the increasing number of organizations and individuals who reach out to them.  Many of the escapees have ruined their health during the escape and have been in shock.  Let the Korean society be warm-hearted to them and help us to win their souls so that they may be used for the world evangelization.

Help us become peacemakers in our relation with North Korea.  Let your servants for North Korea mission be one and assist each other.  Help us continue to provide foods, fertilizer, medical equipment and medicines to people in N. Korea with wisdom.

Korean churches in Jerusalem, Israel presented Korean students a KOSTA (KOrean STudents in America) conference last summer and are planning to have a Praise & Worship Feast this Christmas.  Let these churches be instrumental in bringing Jews to Jesus Christ, and continue to be one-hearted in mutual assistance.

Despite the Islam's intense regulations, churches in Iran are experiencing a revival.  It is like a Christian reformation that is taking place through many conversions, spreading of the Bibles, and the increase of house churches.  Pour out your power to a Christian broadcasting network that has been being greatly used to preach the Gospel.  Let the Gospel continue to be spread in Middle East, while young people stand against economic impoverishment (since Islamic reformation) and resist their government.

Not only North Korea but also South Korea are expecting the inflow of 'Islamic money'.  South Korean government and enterprises show strong interests in the Islamic bonds.  However, this inflow comes with a condition that is building mosques in Korea.  Keep our country from being encroached by Islam.  Help us be spiritually awake to guard against such an influence.  Give our government your wisdom to withstand such religious demands.

North Korea has postponed the opening ceremony and building completion celebration of Pyongyang University of Science and Technology which was originally planned to be on December 4-6.  Relieve the North Korean regiment of the hurtful and fearful feelings and obstinacy.  Give your wisdom and good strategies to our government so that we could overcome this crisis. 

Give your wisdom and power to Burack Obama, the new president of the USA, so that he can see his country and the rest of the world with your eyes and overcome the present economic crisis.  Lead him to apply biblical principles to abortion, homosexuality, and life ethics.

Let President Lee, Myung-Bak protect the poor from Market Price Mechanism, and revive rural (farming) areas.  Keep him from propelling stimulation of economy, otherwise it will reinforce bubble economy.  Help him practice justice in his economic policies.

Good Christian literature is essential for church leaders in China.  Now Chinese believers are actively producing Christian literature with their computers.  Let them continue to publish the literature and distribute them to believers so that it may help Christians be deeply rooted in the Word of God and have good spiritual discernment.

Give Ryu, Benedict and his family a proper home and send him money and other resources to start a daycare center in Taebaek, which is supported by a social solidarity bank.

Lead Erin Hong to a competent doctor who can accurately diagnose  and treat her (She is Euodia's sister.  She thinks she has Lyme Disease which is hard to be treated in Canada where she lives.)

Help Crystal Kim go meet her mother who will have an operation on her liver with a terminal cancer in the US.  Let the operation be successful and send her mother people who can take care of her.

Give your wisdom and discernment to Lee, Man-Su, the head coach of SK Vaseball Team as to his next step.  Lead him to sign a new contract that fits his hard work during the last two years.

Nathanael Joo's baby boy has been diagnosed with blood vein tumour on his lower lip.  Heal him and comfort his parents.

Help Peter Yang and his family prepare for their furlough next year.  Raise faithful workers to do the ministry and provide Peter's family with finance.  Bless Muha Lee's family as they prepare to go to a Family DTS next January in New Zealand.

Take away all the pain from Sister Lucinda, strengthen her and bless her.


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